Teresa Wigglesworth-Baker is the director of Research, Training and Language Consulting. She is a linguist, researcher, writer and teacher.

Her specialist languages are Russian and French and she has also learned many other languages throughout her career such as Arabic, German and Czech. English is her native language.

Teresa graduated from the University of Sheffield (a Russell Group university) in 2015 with a PhD in Russian and Slavonic Studies. Her thesis was entitled, “Language Policy and Russian-Titular Bilingualism in the Post-Soviet Space.” Her research interests are in the fields of: education; language policy; multilingualism; politics; identity; nation-building; ethnic minority issues and sociolinguistics.

Her work has led her to carry out consulting with governments and international organisations across the post-Soviet space including the Republic of Tatarstan and Georgia. For more details of Teresa’s research please visit this website: www.languagepolicytwb.wordpress.com.

As well as being a professional linguist and researcher, Teresa has approximately 30 years of teaching and training across the whole education system in the UK and she has worked abroad in the Russian Federation, Egypt, Poland and the Czech Republic.

Teresa has taught in many institutions in higher education and has taught a range of subjects to adult learners. Some of the courses she has taught have included Russian, French, English for Academic Purposes, Academic Study Skills, Research Methods and Social Sciences.

Teresa has additionally helped many clients to fulfil their projects, write reports and literature reviews. She has helped clients in the fields of education, linguistics, psychology, medicine and business management, to name but a few.